Solution Locking

Solution Locking enables multiple contributors to simultaneously work with solution development without overwriting others’ work.


Solution Locking is enabled for solution development by default. When enabled, it works as follows: each time a solution developer opens a Form Solution for editing, they are granted an exclusive lock on the solution for a preconfigured amount of time. The default time period is set to 3 hours (180 minutes).

If the developer deploys or saves the Form Solution during this time period, the lock is reset for 3 hours (or whatever the preconfigured amount of time was). Five minutes before the lock is set to be released, the developer receives a warning. If the developer acts on this warning and saves the Form Solution, the lock is reset for the preconfigured amount of time.

If another developer tries to open the solution while it is locked, they will be unable to do so. They can only open the solution once the lock is released.

Notes: The Solution Lock duration is configured using the workflow configuration key titled SolutionLock. The duration of the solution lock is expressed as a value in minutes. If the value is set to 0, the solution locking feature is turned off.

When Autosave is enabled for a solution, you may receive the error "Solution_NOT_Updateable" when you click Save Solution. If you receive that error message, click Save Solution a second time, and the solution will be successfully saved. (The error is created because two requests to save the solution are sent simultaneously - one from your manual clicking on Save Solution and the other through Autosave.)