Known Issues and Limitations

  • The AD Sync feature is not supported with SAML authentication.
  • When importing a group into any app, import it from the User App → Configuration page only.
    Do not attempt to import groups from the Admin App → Apps → Configuration page; it will not work, and you will be unable to create a group with that name in any of the apps.
  • It does not work to import an email template from the following path: Admin → Apps → Configuration → Email Templates page (with this method, an email template is created on the global app rather than on the non-administrator app as intended).
    1) Import Email Templates from the following path: Switch to the non-admin app, and then navigate to Configuration → Email Templates page.
    2) Migrate Email Templates through the 20.0 migration utility for Evolve.
  • On a Firefox browser, the Action filter on the Tasks page does not render properly.
  • An input value with two or more spaces between characters is displayed as a single space in the UI.
  • The Edit Assignment feature is not available for OOB tasks.
  • For the Export Process History plug-in, Solution Developers can now enter values in the File Name parameter without the use of single quotes.
  • If you check "Generate Repeating" when using a web service, the Export Process History plug-in uploads the history to SAP including information for the first record only.
  • For SQL data connections: if a table value contains < and > symbols, it will be displayed as blank on the Form.
  • The Validate option is not available on the Participant Resolver pool arguments dialog.
  • The Text Color property is not respected for checkboxes within a Form.
  • After upgrading from Evolve 20.0 to Evolve 20.1, add square brackets around the column names in raw queries and then redeploy the solution. This is necessary if in Evolve 20.0 you used Reference Data to populate repeating tables and have raw queries without square brackets around column names.
  • For a client machine running Office 2013 or Office 2016, Reference Data ODC files do not work (this is a Microsoft Excel 2013 and 2016 limitation). Use an API directly in Excel and create the connection with Power BI. (Reference Data ODC files work with Office 2019 and Office 365.)
  • Query and Transaction with long text (hexadecimal characters) is not supported by the Winshuttle Update plug-in.
  • For workflows that include loops, the order of the nodes can be inconsistent. Nodes inside the loop can be shown before the loop node itself.
  • In the Solution Data Library, use zero ("null") in searches for empty values in string type fields. Searching against a blank field does not work.
  • While creating the Data Connection PR, characters which are not letters or digits that are used in column names are replaced by an underscore (_) in the XML as the solution is deployed. For example, if you have columns named 'col 1', 'col-1', or 'col_1', each is saved in XML as 'col_1'. This results in a duplicate attribute error when the XML is read.
    Workaround: While using a Data Connection in PR, select one column (only) from the set of columns with the same name in XML. With the exception of the PR filter column, any column can be used.
  • In the Reference Data Connection PR, the Title column filter does not work. In addition, if the Reference Data List, Solution Data Library, or SQL include a column with the same name as a solution field, the filter may not work.
  • When importing a Connection into the Evolve or Studio Manager server, you cannot rename the connection.