Portal Architecture

Winshuttle leverages the Microsoft Azure App Service as a hosting provider and Azure AD (Active Directory) for external user management. In the architecture, Winshuttle supports the addition of external users to the Evolve system.

Winshuttle provides a Portal UI which is hosted on Azure CDN, a Portal service which is setup as an Azure function and Winshuttle's ‘hybrid worker’. This Portal service communicates between the internal hosted Evolve instance and the Portal. See the diagram below and the Microsoft Azure App Service for Hybrid Connections for further information.

Azure Components

There are four Azure components recommended for use in the Evolve Portal Framework. For details about each one, please refer to the table below.

Resources - Azure Components

Azure Components Links

Role in the Evolve Portal Framework

Role Description

Azure AD B2C

External user identity provider

Manages user account sign-up, sign-in, profile edit, and password resets - all from outside of the applications which have been developed to meet specific functionality.

Azure CDN

Portal UI

Offers a secured, public facing UI component which is the landing page for your external users (your vendor and customer users).

Azure Functions

Portal service Communicates with the Azure relay service to generate credentials.

Azure Hybrid Connections

Relay service

Communicates between the relay service in the cloud and the relay worker installed in the internal network.

As used in the App Service, each hybrid connection correlates to a single TCP host and port combination.

Azure Storage

File storage Provides file storage for hosting an Angular-based user interface (UI).
Winshuttle custom built component Relay worker Manages the request sent to the relay service, and acts as a proxy for the internally-hosted Evolve instance. A Winshuttle custom built component.