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Winshuttle Foundation Online Help 12.1.x

For Product: Foundation 12.1

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  • User Governance: Manage SAP scripts, queries, and user access with centralized visibility and control. User Governance provides SAP controls, security profiles, and audit trails needed to deploy Winshuttle solutions across the organization. User Governance also provides controls and auditing for the interaction of Winshuttle products with SAP to meet SOX and corporate governance policies.

  • Winshuttle SAP Integration Server: Enables server-side execution of SAP scripts created with Winshuttle Studio desktop tools.
  • Winshuttle Workflow: Automate business processes via web forms and workflows while natively integrating with SAP.
  • Winshuttle Composer: Design workflows, forms, and business process solutions that can interface with SAP systems with Winshuttle Composer.
  • License Management System: Manage Winshuttle product licenses.