Archiving completed Winshuttle Workflow process data

When a workflow process is completed, Winshuttle Workflow automatically creates an offline history. This offline history is stored in a SharePoint list as XML and an .MHT file. The .MHT file represents a post-process view of a completed workflow process.

.MHT is short for MIME HTML. It is a Web page archive file format that saves Web page content with external resources, such as images, applets, etc. into HTML documents.

You can enable this auto-archiving process by configuring a new key from the Configure Options page: WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnable

This key enables you to control whether or not to automatically copy the completed process data to a SharePoint List item that is associated with the process. The List item will contain the XML and a link to the .MHT file.

Note: The default value for WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnable is FALSE for all processes and all sites.

If the key is enabled, then only an .MHT file, a List Item, and XML are generated.

From the Configure Options page:

  1. In the Name Contains field, type WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnable.
  2. In the Scope field, select All Sites and Lists.

  3. Click Search.
  4. Click WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnable.

  5. On the Edit Configuration page, click Add Value.

  6. Under Scope, select the site scope to which you want to apply the configuration.

  7. Under Value, select True (to enable) or False (to disable) the setting, and then click Add.

  8. Click Save.

Reviewing the archive file

  1. Open the SharePoint List associated with the Worfklow for which you have enabled WorkflowProcessAutoCopyEnabled.
  2. Click a list item.
  3. Click the link to the .MHT file.