Step 1. Download

Welcome to Winshuttle Studio. Four topics, starting with Step 1. Download, will help you navigate your way through installing, setting up, and using Winshuttle Studio. We hope that they will answer your questions—but if during the process you run into any problems, you can submit a support request here: Contact Customer Support.

The first step in using Winshuttle Studio is getting the software on to your computer. The download links can be found here: Studio (will open in a new window).

Important: For best results, be sure that only one version of Microsoft Office is installed on your computer when you are using Winshuttle Studio. Earlier versions of Office programs might interfere with Studio functionality.

You have two options for installing Studio on your computer.

The first option is Downloadable Setup. This is the best option if you are behind a firewall. This option downloads the entire install package as a zip file. You can store the zip file and share it with other users who need to install Winshuttle Studio. Downloadable setup also determines whether you have 32-bit Microsoft Office or 64-bit Microsoft Office and automatically installs the correct version of Studio.

The second option is MSI, or Microsoft Installer file. This file can be used by IT or Help Desk personnel to do automated installations. For installation instructions, see MSI: Fresh installation and upgrade, and check the system requirements.

To ensure success, please use the same Windows User Profile to download and install Studio.

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