Submit multiple script files or linked script files

Some transactions require the user to run multiple script files together when uploading data. With Foundation, you can send multiple files together for review and approval. The files are kept together as a unit throughout the review process.

If you link the scripts, the script files launch and execute in sequence.

  • Multiple script submissions and Linked script submissions can have only one data review process for all script files.
  • Each script must have a unique name and description. If a file with the same name exists on the server, and if you are the creator of the file on the server, you can create a new version of the file. Otherwise, you must change the name of the new file that you are submitting. A file with the same name as another file cannot be embedded.
  • Each script must include a sheet name.
  • Linked script files cannot be included when multiple files are sent for approval. If linked files are sent, only the main script is recognized and added to the set of files.

Publish scripts to a single Excel template

For instructions on how to publish multiple and/or mixed Query and Transaction scripts to a single Excel template, click here.