Known Issues and Limitations

Release: August, 2021

  • If customer is using any custom policy for their Windows Defender or antivirus software, then for successful installation of Winshuttle softwares, they may need to add winshuttle installers to whitelist for their defender/antivirus.

  • Test connection for SAP SAML manual logon type is not supported.

  • While migrating scripts from 10.x to 20.x using the migration manager utility, the 10.x scripts with document attachment will need to be migrated manually.

  • Migration Utility: While migrating scripts with round trip scenarios (having Qsq and Txr scripts), template having more than 1 published solution will not get migrated.

  • SAP SAML configuration: We store mysapsso2 ticket / token when user clicks on "Save as Auto Logon". If user saves the ticket / token then they can do scheduling. The scheduling will fail if mysapsso2 ticket / token expires before the run.

  • User will not able to add ALC (Auto Logon Credential) for SAP server of type SAP SAML Manual.

  • SAP SAML (manual) SAP server will not be available for Auto Run and Update Plugin features as ALC (Auto Logon Credentials) cannot be saved for such SAP servers.

  • Migration Manager: The SAP Mapping is used to change only the SAP Server name with the scripts. Any changes related to the internal properties of the Form or Excel workflow will not get altered.

  • Okta User with different Username and Email ID is not able to login on OAuth setup.