What's New - Features and Enhancements

Release: August, 2021

  • SAP Data API will trigger Studio scripts from external systems.

  • SAP S/4HANA 2020 support.

  • SAP GUI 770 support.

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance support.

  • Improvements in server reporting data for better reporting on customer environment information, SAP usage summary and license information.

  • Setting Environment Type in Evolve and Studio Manager for better reporting and API billing.

  • AD group sync support for SAML and OAuth.

  • Migration utility to move scripts from one Evolve or Studio Manager environment to other (exception of round-trip scenario templates).

  • Filter for Validation / Run in connect ROI data.

  • Solutions and document metadata download to excel.

  • The default solution fields -- Error Rows and Total Rows are made available on Documents Page.

  • Support for tcode CT04 for Add Long text feature is added.

  • Process History can now be viewed directly from the task actions menu and from the operations page actions menu.

  • JQuery version used for Evolve is upgraded to 3.5.1.

  • Added support for app visitor role.

  • Upgraded web UI to Angular 10.2.

  • While creating reports, we can now query SAP using Query script to show data in a report.