Server-side Installation - Import Transports (WFM 20.2)

This information applies to WFM 20.2.


Please ensure you have completed the steps covered in Server-side Installation & Upgrade Instructions (WFM 20.2) before importing transports.


The transport import is a standard procedure and will come as two files (K900nnn.XXX and R900nnn.XXX). nnn is an SAP-generated number and XXX is the respective SAP system ID (SID) for the relevant server.

  1. Go to DIR_TRANS path (e.g. /usr/sap/trans on Windows NT) (e.g. \usr\sap\trans on unix) and copy the files into the subdirectories “cofiles” and “data” as described in the following steps.

  2. Copy the K_ file into “cofiles” directory and the R_file into the “data” directory.

  3. Log-on into the SAP GUI and start transaction STMS. Select the import queue for the target system.

  4. Go to Others>Extras> Other Requests> Add.

  5. Select request number XXXK900nnn.

  6. Go to Request > Import, and to import XXXK900nnn into the system.

  7. If your target client is not 000, select Ignore Non-Permitted Table Class.

  8. For Basis releases higher than 700, select Ignore Invalid Component Version.